Whether you prefer your adventures to be centered around luxurious relaxation on the EARLYBIRD, splashing around in crystal-clear waters, or exploring new lands, we have something for your every whim.


If you want to spend your time onboard adding some color to your complexion, working up a sweat with some exercise, or simply curling up with a good book or movie, there is ample area onboard to claim your space and make it your own. If you require Wi-Fi for some quick work, relax in the saloon and enjoy the view in between sips of coffee (or a cocktail!).


SCUBA + Snorkeling

Explore the world beneath you with a scuba tank strapped to your back and a complete set of equipment. If you are not scuba certified, cruise around the reef with snorkeling gear and our Sublue underwater scooters and seek out breathtaking corals and marine life.


Wakeboarding + Water Skiing

Our tender, affectionately named the “Worm,” can tow thrill-seekers on a wakeboard or a pair of water skis for the ride of their lives! No experience is necessary; our crew is more than happy to show you the ropes (and the meaning of adventure).


SUP + Kayaking

Take in the magnificent scenery around you while giving your arms and core a workout on a premium inflatable SUP and kayaks. Paddle off to a nearby secluded beach or into a magnificent sunset and keep watch beneath you for curious marine life.



Harness the power of the wind to zip around on top of the water! No experience is necessary; our crew can teach you the basics with our onboard equipment or keep a watchful eye over you if you are already an avid windsurfer. 


Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard

There is no need for wind or waves to surf when you have an electric hydrofoil surfboard! With an advanced lithium-ion battery powering an electric motor and a Bluetooth hand controller, you can ride atop the water’s surface at speeds up to 40kph (25mph) for over an hour.


Dinghy Sailing

Enjoy the fresh air and plane rising breezes with our Tiwal inflatable sailboat. Get a taste of dinghy sailing with no experience required; our crew can teach you how to handle the sails and help capture your moments as the captain of your own ship!


Towable Adventures

Sit back and hold on tight as you ride the waves on our towable toys! Enjoy being pulled behind the “Worm” at varying speeds, making it an ideal experience for both adults and children of all ages.



Tight lines! Cast your reel into exotic waters with our adult fishing gear on board and catch dinner for your family and friends. We also have a set of kids fishing gear so that the younger crowd can join in on the fun. 

Water Equipment

On Land

Explore the countryside on lightweight Gocycle Foldable E-Bikes or take a leisurely ride around the winding coastline on electric scooters. Let us help you discover your next favorite panoramic view and enjoy a refreshing picnic lunch on solid ground.

Land Equipment