Dining aboard EARLYBIRD is an experience all its own. Whether you want to enjoy healthy, restorative meals or sample sinful pleasures you reserve just for vacation, our onboard chef prepares every meal with skillfulness and love. We accommodate all dietary restrictions and tailor meals to your specific preferences.


Begin your day with an assortment of coffee, tea, and fresh juices and fruit. Enjoy with favorites such as flakey croissants with salmon salsa, savory carrot and walnut pineapple muffins, or a generous helping of eggs Benedict with flavorful grilled sausages.

Enjoy your breakfast on the flybridge and take in the early morning view with the sound of lapping water in the background.


Midday meals include juicy seasonal fruits, vegetables, and rich, healthy fare from the local markets. Delight in tender Mediterranean style chicken souvlaki paired with creamy tzatziki, hummus, and homemade pitas, or take pleasure in freshly grilled shrimp over a crispy Caribbean salad. Dessert options include favorites such as tangy lime sorbet, fresh pavlova, or raw caramel-stuffed dark chocolate figs.

We would also be glad to pack a lunch for you to enjoy as a luxurious picnic on the beach.


Quench your appetite before dinner with snacks such as creamy baked brie with an orange, honey cardamom sauce, crispy Indian vegetable samosas with a traditional mango chutney dip, or flavorful caprese bruschetta.


Indulge after a day of adventure with appetizers such as fresh sushi or a refreshing bleu cheese, pear, and walnut salad. Entrees can include juicy filet mignon with a brandy peppercorn sauce or honey-roasted pork tenderloin paired with creamy potatoes and spiralized zucchini. Dessert favorites include fragrant passion fruit panna cotta with raspberry coulis and luscious chocolate mousse.

Luxuriate in a nightcap with your favorite vintage of wine, port, or a citrusy cocktail while taking in the starry night sky.


Advise us which creamy whites, full-bodied reds, refreshing rosés, and sparkling wines you prefer, along with your favorite spirits and mixers, and we will have them shipped to us and ready for you to enjoy as soon as you board.